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Your Digital Pictures Will                 No Longer Take Dust                       In Your Hardisk Anymore!

These last years, the digital photo world has grown so quickly that no one has taken care of the becoming of your pictures: Most of them are just stocked  into files of your computer without anyone taking a look at it.

Of course, you can print your pictures on your color printer, but at what price? You need special paper, color cartridges and time. Then you still need to make an album as in the old days.

Now things are changing! You can make digital photo books. You decide which pictures you want to keep. You assemble them. You  name,  date and/or comment them, and you choose the layout. All this directly on your computer!

The result will be a real hardcover album with your pictures directly printed on high quality paper as you would find in the books you buy in bookshops!

Some of you will be able to do it by themselves, others would need a bit of training before jumpng into it and others do not want to do it themselves.

This is where we can be useful. Indeed, we:

  • Give access to the best printing companies
  • Train people to prepare their photo books
  • Create and prepare your photo books according to your guidelines.

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